Defining dankness...

When we refer to cannabis as “dank,” we mean that it is among the best of the best, the crème de la crème, the finest cannabis available anywhere. Neither the most expensive nor the most potent cannabis is necessarily the dankest; true quality is unrelated to price or THC percentage. And when we say that cannabis is “certified dank,” we simply mean that we have sampled it, enjoyed it, and would recommend it to our friends.


Caitlin Podiak has been writing about cannabis since 2010, for magazines and websites including Cannabis Now, The HighwayLeafly, DOPE MagazineSF Evergreen, Shakti Yogi Journal91LIFE, The Hairpin, Pot Couture, and her personal blog, as well as for various dispensaries and brands.

She prefers organic sungrown flowers and is particularly interested in the unique qualities of cannabis cultivated with biodynamic and regenerative methods. Caitlin is always eager to sample new and different varietals, as well as landraces and heirloom genetics. She especially enjoys cerebrally stimulating hazes, soothing purple strains, and hybrids with a balanced ratio of THC and CBD. She tends to avoid OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, Sour Diesel, and Headband. Her favorite terpene is linalool.


Ed has been working with intellectual property for ten years and currently designs software applications to analyze the patent market. He is also a cannabis enthusiast with an interest in permaculture. He spends weekends road-tripping throughout Mendocino and Humboldt, continually refining his appreciation of Northern California's idyllic landscapes and exceptional cannabis.

Ed likes smoking sungrown flowers, talking with farmers, touring farms, learning about different cultivation styles, and investigating genetic variation and terroir. He is currently focused on building soil and putting down roots in Mendocino County.


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